Breast Augmentation Long Island and Manhattan

Posted by CSS Medical on August 24, 2015

At Taranow Plastic Surgery, Douglas Taranow, M.D. offers an array of plastic surgery procedures to help women contour their bodies that includes breast augmentation (augmentation mammaplasty).

Providing both saline and silicone-gel filled implants, Dr. Taranow is able to sculpt breasts to be as natural-looking as possible. Some patients prefer the silicone-gel filled breast implants because they tend to feel more natural. Yet, if a patient is concerned about having silicone-gel filled breast implants, Dr. Taranow recommends that the patient go with the saline breast implants.

Different shapes of breast implants may also be selected for a fuller appearance. Through the use of moderate profile, moderate plus profile, or high profile breast implants, the doctor can make the patients breasts appear complimentary to the patients size. Ranging in projection size from low to high, the breasts implants each have their own amount of fullness to offer. The position of the breasts and their size will determine which type will be used.

By an incision made through the armpit (transaxillary), or below the areola (periareolar), Dr. Taranow can place the breast implants below the muscle (submuscular), or above the muscle (subglandular) to give the patient the most appropriate look to fit her body.

To see which breast implant type, shape, or incision method might be best for you, feel free to browse Dr. Taranows Web site for further information.